6. Which accommodation

The selection of your accommodation is very important since you need to stay in a safe, comfortable, friendly and affordable environment. Before your arrival, Escalar can help you to choose one of the different accommodation options where you can feel at home.

The selection will be done based on your needs and budget.

You may choose the following options:

  • A Host Family: You will be placed in a family carefully selected where you can practice the language and learn more about the culture. These homes are all comfortable with a fully-furnished room. In general, you will share family-life and mealtimes full board o part board.

  • A hostel/ backpacker: You could choose this option as temporary accommodation. The majority of these hostels are located in the heart of the cities or in very popular tourist areas. It is a good option since it is a convenient and affordable short-term option. You can select from a twin, 4 bed rooms or dormitories.

  • Student accommodation: This option is provided by some colleges and educational institutions and, are a quality longer term accommodation option. They have modern and brand new facilities and they are located to short distance to the institution.

  • Share accommodation: This is one of the most chosen and popular options. It is always organized once you have arrived to your destination. You may choose the location and the price. You will share with other international students the apartment, bills and if you like, have your own room.