3. Selection of the city and course

Each city has specific characteristics and advantages. The weather, population, living costs, transport, life style and job options could be some of the factors that will assist you to make the right decision.

Escalar will explain you what are the positives and negatives of each city in order to help you to select the destination, the type of course and the institution(s).

In terms of the course, you may choose just one option and then when you will be in Australia, you may extend your staying and apply to another course.

Remember that you can apply for different courses at the same type and obtain a package visa. For example: You could start applying to a general English course, then to an IELTS course and then a postgraduate course.

You may like to do a specific course but you don’t have the language so you have to start from the beginning. Develop the required level of English language skills and then apply to the second course.

Escalar will tell you which steps to follow and which is the best way to reach your goals. We will supply you with a package option.