7. Pre-departure Session: Do's and Don'ts

Escalar will provide you with a pre departure pack where you will have steps to make easier your life specially the first months of your arrival and includes information about how to open a bank account, find a share flat, and find a job

•    Be positive
•    Be focus on your goals
•    Be patient
•    Be constant
•    Be professional
•    Be happy
•    Bring documents that may be useful in your stay

Do Not
•    Do not forget the pre-departure package and session that ESCALAR has organized for you!
•    Do not miss the orientation and enrolment session that your institution has arranged for you!

This is a new adventure and you will have exposure to new cultures so there is no point to compare with your country obviously you will find better and worse things but in general the idea of this experience is to ENJOY every single moment.

Since you will be out of your comfort zone, you will have many contradictory feelings but our advice is always remain focused on your goals and be positive... that will lead you to success.