5. Payment and Student visa process

Once you have had an acceptance letter from the educational institution, ESCALAR will guide you with all the steps to pay your course fees.

Following this step, you will need to apply for a STUDENT visa.

  • The Student visa is for people who are planning to come to study to Australia for more than 3 months. You are entitled to work 20 hours per week during your studies and full time during your holidays.
You will be able to start to work once you course has started. Good attendance and academic records must be maintained during your studies. And finally you must have heath insurance which all educational institutions provide.

The Australian Embassy has an assessment system to evaluate each country, ESCALAR will follow up your case and give you a check list with all the requirements to obtain your student visa.

If you intend to come to Australia less than 3 months you can apply for a Tourist visa.

If your plans are to apply for a permanent visa, Escalar recommend you to contact with Arrive Australia Migration Services for additional information.