1. What are your goals, plans, dreams or the main idea of this trip?

Now the journey will start, these are the steps that ESCALAR believes
are the most important in your new journey.

You have to have very clear reason why you are doing this trip and investment.

There are many different reasons that will bring you to take the decision to study overseas. You should be always very focus ed what ever your goals are.
Some of your goals may be that:

•    You may wish to learn or improve your English language skills for professional or personal reasons
•    You may wish to change your career and gain new knowledge
•    You may want to learn from new cultures and explore the world
•    You may like to visit exotic places, meet new people
•    You may like to migrate to a new country
•    You may like to improve your resume and obtain an additional degree
•    You may need just a break……

So the reasons could be endless, this is just the beginning of your journey and it could be the pathway to achieve your goals!