Escalar Testimonials

We asked some of our customers' two questions about their experiences. These were: Why Australia? And what advice would you give to people considering Australia as their destination to study?


Liliana Villareal

Why Australia? Australia is a multicultural country; I wanted to have the opportunity to meet and share with people from lots of different parts of the world. It is an exotic country with great nature habitats and wildlife.
Australia is a country that offers the opportunity to work and study at the same time; also the study costs are more affordable in Australia than any other English speaking country.

Advice for future students? To come prepared to do anything, starting a life in other country is not easy but Australia offers great opportunities, be constant at what you do and will achieve excellent results.


Marlon Medina

Why Australia? My name is Marlon Medina from Colombia. I came to Australia when I was 17 because I wanted to learn English, a language that is so important nowadays. Also I have been  swimming since I was little and knowing that Australia is a country well known for the quality of its swimmers, I though it was going to be a good chance to improve my swimming skills.

Advice for future students? Coming to Australia was a very good decision. I have got to know people from everywhere around the world, people from many other cultures that I did not know existed, and I have learn a lot from them, and know I can say that I have friends all around the world. People in Australia is very friendly and it is a good place for people of all ages to come and learn English, learn about other cultures and have a wonderful time.

Coming to Australia is a very good decision, as you will learn a lot, make a lot of friends, expand your knowledge and open your mind to the world. I am very sure that you will enjoy every part of this experience, because you will have a great time in Australia.


Alejandro Nino

Why Australia? I decided to come to Australia because it had similar fees prices than America and Latinos were very welcome here… it was definitely a great adventure …much better than going to Miami.

My advice: Australia is a country of immigrants. You will find people from all around the world. For that reason people are open and happy to learn from other cultures. It is easier to meet people and make friends than in Europe or America.